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Magan is so attentive and thorough!! She provided all the details, swipe files, and graphics in a timely manner PLUS kept us hyped up and encouraged before, during, and after the sale!! One of the best experiences I've ever had as an affiliate for someone!!

Alexandra B., owner of the productivity zone

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hi friend, I'm magan ward

email marketing strategist, digital marketing educator, and podcaster

An entrepreneur since I charged $0.25 for a single cracker with spreadable cheese from my lunchbox at the Kindergarten lunch table.

Magan is an email marketing expert and digital marketing educator who is on am mission to help more digital business owners build well-connected audiences that pave the way for more growth, and work life balance.

In 2021, the game changed for everyone and no longer could you just run ads and instantly build your audience.

When so many others were pivoting their offers to keep their businesses going Magan was on the front lines already focused on organic email and business growth growing her own email list with 1,100 new subscribers in less than one month and growing the email list of her clients, a top 100 rated podcaster from 1,000 to over 8,500 in 18 months, organically.

The Email Template Shop™ was born out of a desire to help more business owners grow their businesses through their email marketing strategies.

as seen in:

stay focused




While that is at our discretion to change at any time, free products are not currently a part of The Email Template Shop™ affiliate program. At this time only commissions are provided for sales referred through your referral affiliate links. 



The affiliate software that I utilize keeps all data logged for you in your affiliate dashboard. You can see all links clicked and purchases made from your referral affiliate links.



We will communicate any and all sales at a minimum of 2-weeks prior to a sale going live. You will receive swipe copy and graphics to utilize during your own promotions of The Email Template Shop™. 



Payouts will be quarterly and come via PayPal. We will make sure that all payouts are for sales that are past our refund window, and will be less any applicable taxes and fees. 



You will have links that are specific to you as an affiliate. These links will house data for visitors from your link up to 90-days. This means, you can push to our site prior to a big sale such as Black Friday, and not have to promo during the actual Black Friday sale - this is especially helpful if you are hosting your on Black Friday promotions.

how do i make sure i am earning commisions?


At this time the commission percentage is 20%. There could be special occasions where the commission percentage is higher, or when bonuses or prizes are available. In those instances, that will be communicated with you prior to that going into effect.



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Those who have no intention on promoting, at all, ever

Those who's audience does not align with the products found in The Email Template Shop™

Those who are signing up just to sign up

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Becoming an Affiliate Team Member for The Email Template Shop™ can help you build additional income in your own business while providing your audience with quality products that are built to help them grow their own business

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